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Top 10 Life Insurance Myths

When it comes to life insurance…what you don’t know can hurt you.  Read the following article for a better understanding of complex life insurance policies. Erin Dalton Life insurance is not a simple product. Even term life policies have many … Continue reading

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Hoarding: An Investigative and Insurance Policy Challenge

Hoarders are a growing problem and concern at majority of properties. What can you do to protect your property from being damaged as well as protecting your tenants from  potential harm to their health? Does Insurance cover such a loss? … Continue reading

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Home Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips useful to those who live in our region in the fall.  Be sure to consider some of these ideas at your home or business. Theresa Taylor, CIC By Arnold Anderson, eHow Contributor Enjoy the beauty … Continue reading

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Autumn Pet Safety Tips

Keep your pet safe by following the suggestions in this article.  Risks change as the temperatures fall. Wendy Light Ah, fall—there’s nothing like crisp, cool air, the first months of school and luscious foliage to get you excited for the … Continue reading

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Smoke Alarms: Ionization vs. Photoelectric

How much do you know about your fire detector and how it works?  This article explains the types of detectors and fires to which they respond. Myra K. Piper, CIC From the National Fire Protection Association The two most commonly … Continue reading

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