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Installing Children’s Playgrounds More Than Just Fun and Games

Property Owners/managers are looking for ways to improve their occupancy & retention at their properties and one great way to do so is to add amenities to your property, such as adding a play area for children. Before you consider … Continue reading

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Share Rules and Restrictions for Hiring Young Workers

Guidelines differ when hiring young workers.  Please read the following article for a better understanding of the laws. Myra Piper, CIC, CWCA School ends for many young people during the next few weeks and that means teens are entering workplaces … Continue reading

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Introducing Personal Guarantee Insurance™

Getting approved for a business loan today is no easy task and majority of lenders will ask you to sign a personal guarantee in order to be considered. There is a new insurance product out there that will insure your … Continue reading

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Driver Fatigue

As you embark on summer trips, be sure to be well rested to avoid the dangers associated with fatigued drivers. Sharon Childers, CIC, CWCA A fatigued driver is a dangerous driver. Each year, thousands of accidents occur as a result … Continue reading

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Thunder Rolls and Lightning Strikes — Summer Weather Safety Tips

Lightning strikes are commonplace in the summer months.  Included in the article is information that will help you and your employees be safe from this warm weather threat. Dave Lucas, CIC According to the National Weather Service (NWS), lightning causes … Continue reading

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