New Construction and Renovation Planning

CharleyThis article is on renovation and new construction projects, as it emphasizes the need for proper planning which will reduce the probability of problems down the road. Plus, as reinforced in the article, you always need to contact your insurance agent prior to signing off on a new project to make sure you have the proper coverage in place.
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Charley Staab, CIC

Before you embark on any major project consider shifting perspective from the construction itself to the critical Planning Phase.  The greatest effects on a project come in the early planning stages when a comprehensive and accurate scope of work should be established and the budget defined.  Properly planned projects reduce expensive change orders and cost overruns; limit liability and can make or break the success of your project.  Including your insurance broker will ensure complete coverage during and after renovation.  Assessment should involve consultation and a walk through of the property.  All existing conditions need be identified and fully understood prior to performing any renovation project.  The duty to maintain property values and avert future liability is a priority and it is virtually impossible to determine appropriate contractor bids in the absence of professional specifications.  Bringing in professionals and following their advice will help with proper bidding and cost controls.

A failed project that needs to be redone in a few years will cost much higher than proper planning will cost on the initial project.

Input on article from Stonemark Construction Management, Orange County California

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