Summer Maintenance

CharleyStaabnewThis is an excellent reminder for property managers and apartment owners as we swing into Summer to take care of those pesky  maintenance issues.  As stated in the article, it will pay off in the long run with happier residents and will assist in renewing your insurance.

– Charley Staab, CIC

– Article written by Nick Frantz

Summer is here…it is maintenance season!  After the winter thaw come the winds, the rain, the leaky pipes and roofs, the cracked paint, the weed surge, the potholes…need we say more?  It is a time when property maintenance becomes a frantic rush to stay ahead of the routine schedule, so you can also tackle the unplanned issues.

When it comes to maintenance issues, nobody likes to be surprised.  People become dissatisfied when their expectations are not met.  Now this is good news for property managers.  With timely communications and follow up, you have more control.  You set the expectations.

Put a maintenance communication plan in place and get your staff onboard.  Develop a plan with specific steps and stick to it.

Electronic communications – your website, email, texts and phones – will make this heightened level of communication easier.  Check out a message notification service.  It can save you and your staff loads of time and be convenient for your residents too.  Let your residents know that you are addressing their maintenance issues and that it is important that they are satisfied.  It will pay off in the high-quality condition of your property…and it will pay off when you are renewing your insurance or shopping for a new carrier.

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