Pay Your Invoices Easily Online

We are pleased to notify you that policyholders are now able to pay invoices online via the Accident Fund Policyholder website.

How We Are Telling Policyholders About Online Payments
We are notifying policyholders of this new feature in these ways:

  • On billing statements and invoices
  • Via phone message after they select “billing option” on our toll-free line
  • And for new policyholders, on the “Welcome to Accident Fund” page of the policy

 For Policyholders Who Previously Registered on the Site
Policyholders who previously registered for the site and have used their user ID and password since early 2010 will still be able to use their logon information to access WorkSafe Toolbox materials. However, they will need to re-register to access Online Payments.

How Policyholders Re-Register for the Site
To re-register or register for the first time on the Policyholder site, policyholders are asked to go to, click on Login under the Policyholder section and then select Register Here under the For Initial Policyholder Login heading. To register, they will need their policy number, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and current policy expiration date, which are all available on their policy. Please note: Only one person can perform the initial registration process for the site. The first person to do so will be designated as the Security Administrator for the organization. Instructions for Security Administrators as to how to set up other users and assign applications are available on the Policyholder site.

We believe the ability to make payments online will make it even easier for you to do business with us. If you  have any problems registering or accessing online payments, please call Technical Assistance at 1-866-206-5851.

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