Safety Meetings – You Can Do It!!!

Sharon Childers

Sharon Childers

From Frankenmuth Insurance

Communication is one of the best ways to prevent accidents. And one of the best ways of communicating the importance of employee safety is through safety meetings. All employees full time, part time and management should participate in these training sessions.

You don’t have to be a professional speaker to give a good safety meeting. But there are ways you can make your meetings more effective. Let’s take a look at them.

The Agenda

Know your topic and plan your agenda a few days before the meeting so you’re well prepared. (Be able to present the talk without reading it and lead a discussion afterward). Wherever possible use actual equipment to illustrate your points. Coordinate hand-out literature or other material you intend to use at the meeting.

Limit the length of your presentation. Given your operation, you would be the best judge of how much time to set aside. Generally speaking, 5-10 minutes is adequate. Allow for questions during or after your presentation.

Use examples of the company loss history, or unique accidents when it supports the topic.

Do a wrap-up. Reinforce the important points brought out during the meeting. Thank your employees for their interest and enthusiasm.

The Format

Start the meeting out on a positive note. After welcoming your employees, promote team work and how safety meetings not only provide valuable information but give everyone the opportunity to get together and exchange ideas. Be sure to compliment a job well done. Morale plays a bigger part than people think in affecting productivity and job satisfaction.

Keep it informal. Even though you may be using this resource as well as others, use your own words in making the actual presentation. For effective and rewarding results, do what’s comfortable for you.

Invite employees to participate. The purpose of any safety meeting is to get people to think about safety problems. Make the talk a hands-on session. Have your people name hazards and what to do about them. Encourage them to offer suggestions to improve safety performance. When asking questions, use open-ended questions instead of questions that require only a yes or no answer.

The Topic:

Topics will be provided monthly from Frankenmuth Insurance

The Place and Time

Hold the meeting in your work area. It is recommended that you hold your meetings the first thing in the morning or immediately after shift change when the workday will least be interrupted and the work area relatively quiet.

Recording Keeping

  • Record the time, place and date of your safety meeting.
  • Record the item discussed
  • State problems or concerns, if any.
  • Record the names of all employees attending the safety meeting presentation.
  • Note significant comments made by the attendees.

Hold a safety meeting once a month to reinforce your company’s philosophy that job safety is important.

We hope these safety meeting topics help you in the daily operations of your stores. Keep them handy. Like any tool, they can’t help unless you use them.

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