Loss Control Safety Techniques

Sharon E. Childers

Sharon E. Childers

This is from Will Hungerford on Smoking safety – Thought it may be a good one with Smoking being in the news so much…Sharon E. Childers

Loss Control Safety Techniques

Careless Smoking Kills

The careless disposal of cigarettes is one of the leading causes of house fires year after year. Hundreds of individuals are killed as a result of these fires, and sadly, the victims of these fires are most often children. House fires caused by cigarettes result in half a billion dollars of property damage each year. Mattresses, furniture, and trash cans are the leading materials set on fire by cigarettes.

These fires can be prevented by following a few simple rules.

Don’t Smoke in Bed

Smoking in bed is extremely hazardous. This practice often results in a fire. Moreover, it is more difficult to save a person in a fire if they are sleeping when the fire starts due to smoke making the victim disoriented.

Smoke Alarms

Check your smoke alarms monthly to ensure they are properly working. Roughly half of homes set on fire did not have a working fire alarm installed. If possible, install dual sensor smoke alarms that will sound an alarm for a fire with flames, and a smoky fire that has no flames.

Never Dispose Cigarettes in Trash Cans

Disposing hot cigarette materials or flicking hot ashes in the trash can are two leading causes of fires involving cigarettes. Take the time to run water over the cigarette before disposal.

Use an Ashtray

Purchase a stable ashtray that will not tip over. Try to find one that is wide and won’t ignite. If you smoke outside, have a can or receptacle available that is filled with sand.

Choose to Smoke Outside

Smoking outside will lessen the chance of a house fire from occurring. It is better for your house, other individuals in your house, and your health. If you do smoke outside, however, be sure your cigarette butts are fully extinguished and do not end up smoldering on a wood deck or any other flammable materials.

Choose Fire-Safe Cigarettes

Fire-safe cigarettes have special paper that will put out the cigarette if it is not being smoked. Many states have laws in place requiring all cigarettes to be made with this paper. These types of cigarettes are less likely to cause a house fire.

Check for Discarded Cigarette Materials

If you choose to smoke in the house or allow others to do so, check couch and chair cushions for cigarette materials that have mistakenly been misplaced. Furniture starts on fire quickly and is difficult to extinguish.

Fire Extinguishers

Make sure your house is equipped with working fire extinguishers that are readily accessible. Fire extinguishers have proven time and time again to save households from burning to the ground.

Remember, choosing to smoke inside drastically increases the chances of a home fire and affects the health of everyone living in the home. Be considerate, choose to smoke outside or politely ask others to smoke outside. Doing so could save your life, a child’s life, or that of a close friend.

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