Safe Lifting

From the desk of Dave Lucas – Please remember to Lift properly!

A majority of workers compensation claims could be eliminated if we take the time to practice safe lifting. The following article illustrates the importance of proper techniques.

At Smith-Peabody-Stiles, Brown & Brown Insurance we care about our clients and will continue to share valued information with you.

Safe Lifting Techniques

Lifting, light or heavy loads and objects, is a common activity for our jobs and our lives. And, because it is something we do so often, we tend to do it automatically – without giving the action much thought.

Lifting incorrectly can result in a variety of injuries. Back strain is one of the most common, and it usually results from

over-stretching certain muscles. Another type of injury that can result from incorrect lifting is a hernia. Both of these

can result in tremendous pain and inconvenience. The good news, though, is both are also preventable.

First, don’t underestimate the importance of being in good physical condition. Years of poor posture, overeating, lack of exercise and stress will certainly catch up to a person. Poor physical conditioning, coupled with incorrect lifting techniques can be a hazardous combination. Therefore, it is important to learn how your back functions, what its limitations are, and what you can do to keep it healthy. Ask your family physician for recommendations to strengthen your back then regularly practice them.

Safe lifting plays a major role in your effort to maintain a healthy back and prevent its injury.

Several techniques can reduce the strain to your lower back including:

Sizing up the load – look it over and decide if you can handle it alone, or if you’ll need someone’s help

Size up the area – check your surroundings to be sure the area you are moving through is clear of obstacles

Get a good grip – make sure your grip is firm and sure

Position your feet to set a good foundation

Keep the load close to your body

Avoid twisting your upper body

Practice team lifting – if two or more of you are moving an object, coordinate your moves so they are done in unison

Proper lifting is no accident. Be safe. Take note of the topics and recommendations discussed in this bulletin.

We encourage you to put them into practice – doing so helps ensure your safety. It is the philosophy of

Smith Peabody Stiles Insurance to provide services that give policyholders peace of mind.

At SPS we truly are with you all the way.

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